Byzantine Philosophy and Iconology by George Arabatzis

“The volume examines Byzantine Iconology in relation to an extended philosophical tradition that includes non-philosophy and para-philosophy. It begins with the dinstinction made by Erwin Panofsky between Iconography and Iconology, i.e. between thematization and meaning. Here, the aim is to relate Iconology to the initial perception and the work by the historian Andre Grabar shows the need for such an approach. Amidst the interpretations of the Byzantine theory of the images given by Charles Barber, the choice is to focus on the epistemic problem and the discourse on authority.”

Excerpt from the summary in English in the end of the volume (p. 205).

Very informative book, in which the writer, George Arabatzis, uses a “large gamme” of opinions by modern and medieval philosophers on the subject, in order to support his view. I reserve the right to write again on this book, maybe a review of it.

UPDATE: See my review for this book, in the Critica – A Greek Online Journal for Philosophical Reviews, (31.7.12).