Translations of Basil Tatakis’ Byzantine Philosophy

Basil Tatakis’ monumental work Byzantine Philosophy has been translated into many European languages, after its first edition, in French in 1949 (in Spanish in 1952, in Greek in 1977, in Slovenian in 2001, in Serbian in 2002, in English in 2003, in Romanian in 2010, in Polish in 2012). The translation of the book into Russian is also underway (See here the Greek Foreword by Linos Benakis to the Russian translation of B. Tatakis’ Byzantine Philosophy in March 2011). If someone knows more about the translation of Tatakis’ book into Russian, please feel free to send me the exact reference and a photo of the cover, in order to include it in this web page. Below are the covers of the above books according to chronological order: 

tatakis francespanish translation tatakistatakis greekSloveniaSERBIA413TGHSC3SLromaniantatakis polonika, prosfati 2012